Rural Kansas has much at stake in trade policy, school funding, more – Health News Today

Here are some topics that deserve attention in coming months. Decisions and actions in the private and public sectors in these areas will determine Kansas’ future, especially the health of its rural communities.

Trade policy

With the election of Joe Biden, many hope for a return to international trade strategies that look to build markets overseas for U.S. producers, including manufacturers, ranchers and farmers.

Kansas relies on foreign trade to grow its economy, especially in the agriculture sector. Other Kansas industries that would benefit from better export markets include aviation and electronics.

In addition to trying to revive pacts such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the U.S. will need to continue its efforts to gain acceptance for U.S. products. That includes ongoing work that dates back at least 20 years to gain global acceptance for GMOs and other bio-ag advancements.

School funding and school taxes

As a homeowner, it’s irksome when your property taxes go up.

But when your school taxes go up substantially and most kids aren’t even going to school, it’s especially maddening.