The truth about Vitamin D and Covid-19 – Health News Today

Supplements get a mixed press. There are the people who are resolute about the benefits reaped from their daily dose of vitamins and minerals, and then there are the reports that conclude the supplement habit is, at best a waste of money, at worst something that is potentially damaging to health.

But not all supplements are equal. More evidence is emerging that there’s one that could help us in the fight against Covid-19. Readily available, and for just some 5c a tablet, this isn’t some new wonder drug ­— it’s vitamin D.
You’ve probably heard of vitamin D. You’re also probably deficient in it, simply due to the latitude we live at.

“We rely on the sun to help our body make vitamin D,” explains Orla Walsh, registered dietitian and member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute.
“Sunshine, not food, is where most of our vitamin D comes from. It’s rather difficult to meet our vitamin D needs through food, which is why a supplement is so often required when living in Ireland, especially from Halloween to St Patrick’s Day.”

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