Maybe government run health care isn’t so bad – Health News Today

Being 60 and self employed, I have learned, is not for the faint of heart, when it comes to health care cost and availability.

What I have learned is, decent health insurance coverage in a private policy, which includes the kind of prescription coverage that many 60-somethings need, can cost about the same as the starting salary in my first job as a lawyer after law school.


The market-place policies, through Obamacare, are really of no benefit in such a situation, in that, while they are relatively cheap and cover pre-existing conditions, they do not provide the level of coverage that many people require to make care and prescriptions affordable. And in fact, such coverage is not universally accepted at all, in any event.

The reality is that to obtain affordable health care coverage in such a scenario, you need to figure out a way to be part of a group plan – the bigger the group, the better.