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Uh-oh. Right now, we are quite literally stuck with ‘him indoors’ — or her — and no other source of social life. And it’s too cold to get away from each other by pottering around the garden for an afternoon. Help!

But what if, instead of seeing this as time to just get through without plotting divorce, you decided to invest the time into reviving your relationship? What if you could swerve all the potential tension and frustration of enforced togetherness and instead improve the most intimate part of it? And get healthy, too?

I’m a sexual health therapist, and over years of treating couples who come to me with all kinds of problems — from mismatched libidos to performance anxiety to physical dysfunction — I’ve discovered what I think is the secret to turbo-charging a partnership.

It combines two of most people’s favourite pastimes and it’s all done at home either in the kitchen or the bedroom.

Sexual health therapist Christine DeLozier, revealed how some natural foods can improve your sex life (file image) 

I’m talking about a Sex Diet. And I don’t just mean using chocolate and strawberries in interesting ways, though no judgment, go for it, but something much more scientific than that. The fact is, what we eat directly affects our ability to have good sex.

Partly, yes, it’s about having more energy, and a body you love — that’s bound to make sex better. But a sex diet doesn’t just mean losing a few pounds around the midriff. It’s about improving the very quality of the sex we have by regulating and boosting libido and increasing the power of our orgasms. Did you know that some natural foods can improve physical performance within a couple of hours?

This means there are quite literally ‘sex foods’. Some foods increase levels of a molecule called nitric oxide, for example, which causes what’s called vasodilation, or the widening of blood vessels. When we eat them, our arteries deliver more blood to our sex organs for a better night of lovemaking.

Of course, a handful of walnuts or a green salad at lunchtime won’t necessarily provide an instant Viagra-like boost. But the right food can undoubtedly improve performance over time, leading to superior, sustained sex in the long run. It’s better than popping a pill because it’s natural, with no negative side-effects and plenty of good ones in terms of overall health, weight loss and anti-ageing benefits.

Indeed, food can be the best sex therapy we’ll ever find.

So let’s use this time to get creative in the kitchen and in bed, and make the most of our time at home in every, ahem, possible way . . .


Christine recommends leafy greens such as spinach, kale and lettuce to restore balance to the hormones affecting sex (file image)

Christine recommends leafy greens such as spinach, kale and lettuce to restore balance to the hormones affecting sex (file image)

As unsexy as it might sound, leaves are probably the single best thing you can put in your body for great sex.

Leafy greens restore balance to the hormones affecting sex, such as cortisol,…