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Prenatal yoga is highly beneficial for moms-to-be to stay fit and healthy. But certain tough poses should be avoided and some tips should be kept in mind. So, here are some dos and don’ts of prenatal yoga.

Prenatal yoga is very important and beneficial for moms to be. It improves their sleep, reduces stress and anxiety and makes their muscles more flexible which is needed for childbirth. It increases their strength also along with relieving back pain, nausea, headache etc. 

Most of the pregnant women like to opt for prenatal yoga to stay calm and healthy throughout their pregnancy. But there are many risks also to it. So, you have to be cautious about it before doing any prenatal yoga and always talk to your gynaecologist to be safe. Here are some dos and don’ts of prenatal yoga that you should know about. 

Dos of prenatal yoga:

Talk to your trainer and doctor

Before starting prenatal yoga, always ask your trainer and your doctor about it. They will guide you with everything. Many yoga trainers or studios often don’t want to take the risk of teaching pregnant women. So, talk about that as well. 

Prenatal yoga classes

If you cannot go to any normal yoga classes, then join a prenatal yoga studio where all pregnant women are taught yoga only. This will be more comfortable for you. 

Do what makes you comfortable

Prenatal yoga is there to make you feel relaxed so it doesn’t include any hard poses and stretches that will put pressure on your body. But if you feel uncomfortable with any pose then stop doing it immediately. And if you feel unwilling someday to go to yoga then skin for that day. It’s not the time to pressurise yourself. If you are taking a long time to do any yoga, then don’t get stressed out. Our body is different from each other. 


If any yoga pose feels tough for you to perform, then do modifications as per your comfort. Because you need to feel free while performing the asana. 

Standing posture

For standing posture, separate your feet wider than hip-distance. You will feel more comfortable and stable by this while standing.


Keep your breathing normal and don’t run out of breath. If you need to take rest while doing prenatal yoga, then rest for a while to normalise the breathing. 

Don’ts of prenatal yoga:

Empty stomach

Never practice yoga on an empty stomach as it will make you nauseous or dizzy. 

Avoid Bikram yoga

Don’t do hot or Bikram yoga in pregnancy and avoid doing the asanas outside in hot weather. You should do it in a room with AC.

No jumping

You should avoid all kinds of yoga poses that include jumping. 


Don’t lie on your belly and avoid all kinds of poses that include this. 

Calm and hydration

Keep calm while practising the prenatal yoga and do keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration should be avoided at any cost.

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