Gisele Bundchen, 40, Goes Pantsless While Striking A Yoga Pose – Health News Today

Gisele held the tree pose in her latest Instagram snap.

Gisele Bundchen shared a special message with her 16.3 million Instagram followers on Tuesday afternoon. The Brazilian beauty sent her well wishes for a week “full of love, peace, and good energy” while showing off her impressive yoga skills.

The 40-year-old stood directly in front of the camera in the shot as she struck the tree pose by balancing on one leg while bending the other at the knee and placing her foot on the inside of her toned thigh. She stretched her arms out to either side of her midsection, bending them at the elbows as she formed her hands into the Jnana Mudra position by connecting her index fingers and thumbs to form a circle. Her body was illuminated by a bright white light that filled up the entire background of the image, providing a distinct outline of her slender frame.

Gisele appeared to pull off the balancing act effortlessly, though her post was not all that captivated the attention of her audience. Many were also stunned by the supermodel’s choice of clothing, as she sported an outfit that showed some serious skin.

The wife of Tom Brady looked flawless in an oversized pink shirt with a trendy ombre design. The piece fit loosely over her torso, while its fitted sleeves accentuated her toned arms. It had a v-style neckline, which she let slink down one shoulder in an alluring manner. As a result, a single strap of Gisele’s bra or tank top was exposed.

Rather than wearing a pair of shorts or leggings, Gisele opted to ditch bottoms altogether. Her top was long enough to pull off the move, grazing down to the middle of her thighs to cover up her hips entirely. However, her followers were still treated to a look at her world-famous legs, much to their delight.

The mother-of-two earned considerable praise for her latest social media upload, and for more reasons than one. Many flocked to the comments section to return Gisele’s well wishes for the week, while others posted compliments for the beauty’s phenomenal physique.

“Amazing! Very beautiful!!!” one person wrote.

“You are such a lovely lady full of light and love,” quipped another admirer.

“You’re so positive, thank you so much, enjoy each second of your life!!!” a third follower remarked.

“Hope you have an amazing week too,” wrote a fourth fan in response to the model’s sweet words.

The upload has also earned over 206,000 likes within 17 hours of going live.