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This week, we hear from a Dublin yoga teacher as she delivers online classes, celebrates her birthday with a takeaway or two, and tries to get a handle on her sleep routine.

Occupation: Yoga teacher
Age: 43
Location: Dublin
Who you live with: My husband and our dog

I recently qualified as a yoga teacher. Due to the pandemic I mainly teach yoga online, to clients in Ireland, the UK and Europe. I spend a lot of time on business admin and marketing so when not on the yoga mat, I am on the laptop or phone. I’ll usually do that work from the couch or lying on my bed – with a partner also working from home, desk space is not easy to come by. There is a perception that I must be super-fit and super-healthy, but I am not, and I think it would be a little boring if I was!

Daily activity levels: I am usually pretty active five or six days out of seven, and have one day where I might be completely wrecked. As a yoga teacher, I teach anything between four and eight yoga classes a week. I also take yoga classes myself, go to the gym, run and sea swim depending on the week.
Daily stress levels: These vary depending on the day. Finances usually stress me out the most, as do family issues, like not being able to visit elderly relatives due to Covid. 
Eating/drinking habits: I am a vegetarian who eats as plant-based a diet as possible, so some days I am 100% vegan. I have a large appetite though – and eating mostly plant based doesn’t mean I don’t eat junk food occasionally! 
Sleep quality: From time to time I’ll go through phases of waking up at 3 or 4am every night. At the moment my main sleep issue is quality of sleep. I often feel exhausted even when I just woke up! I use pillow sprays and a nature sounds app to fall asleep.
Self-care: I prioritise self-care as I soon see the negative effects if I don’t. I aim for about 7,000 steps a day and most of those are taken outside. I use my yogic tools too – meditation and breathwork are great I’m stressed.


Morning: I have a hospital appointment first thing, so I am up before 6.30am and eating my pre-prepared overnight oats. I slept fine but I hate waking before 7am, that half hour seems to play havoc with my energy levels. I feel fairly tired all day and develop a…