What Biden’s health policy means for millions of Americans – Health News Today

Robert E. Moffit

President Donald Trump’s key debating point on health policy is substantively correct: Former Vice President Joseph Biden’s health proposal would progressively eliminate Americans’ private health insurance and back Americans into a “single payer” system of government-controlled health insurance.

No need to take Trump’s word for it, either. Weeks ago, the Biden campaign team confirmed that Trump’s assessment is correct. According to an NBC News report, Biden campaign officials have already said that Biden’s public option — a specially advantaged government plan to compete against all private health plans — would “pave the path” to a single-payer program.

This latest version of the “public option” is the fruit of former Vice President Biden’s recent policy collaboration with socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Their “Unity Task Force” recommendations call for the creation of a robust “public option” — a new government health plan — that would be deployed in competition against all private health insurance.