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Do not look down on others or compare yourself with anyone. Compare with yourself in order to become better than before. That’s your competition! So, pick up qualities from others and visualise good for them in thoughts, feelings, words and action.

In a channelling meditation, while blessing we say – inner healing! That is, forgiving a person and visualising that the person is doing right at all levels, moving into optimism, having right thoughts, coming out of sadness and lifting into higher emotion. You may additionally do Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) healing or get healing done for his/her health to improve. We also bless with inner beauty in meditation, which implies visualising that the person is feeling good, so automatically looking good, working with joyful interest and enthusiasm (no dullness) and going in right direction. Not only you, but everyone must lift up to that higher state of emotion. This intention can lift you further up. For your own good health, all connected to you should be healthy and happy. Else, you will be in discomfort.

If you are understanding other’s need, forgiving, being tolerant, patient, accepting people as they are, helping, sharing, healing, etc., then you are cutting duality. You are helping a soul and hence you are helping God. Thus, you experience Love of God!

Practice of Forgiveness

We have discussed about the benefits and rationale behind practicing forgiveness in an earlier article on Forgiveness. Let us quickly look into how to practice it?

Visualise the people you want to forgive. Put your hands together at the heart centre in namaste position. Salute the divinity in them. Forgive them for any harm caused to you at all levels. Ask for sincere forgiveness for any harm caused by you to them. And forgive yourself.

Be grateful to them for creating these situations which actually helped you learn. Affirm that you are learning all the lessons from these situations and are putting sincere effort not to repeat these mistakes. Visualise that they are looking good, feeling good, their heart chakra is opened and are smiling. Visualise that you are interacting nicely with them, your comfort level with each person is increasing, you are able to compassionately accept each person and see their need.

Project loving energies to them from your Heart and Crown energy centres and chant the shanti mantra, “OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, OM”, a few times. Bless them to go in peace.

The procedure or audio track for practicing this is available on the YPV Sadhana App. You may practice this once or twice daily. Eventually you must learn to do instant inner forgiveness to yourself and others.

If you keep forgiving, the other person cannot trouble you. If the person troubles you, it means you have not done proper forgiveness. In cases where you are struggling to forgive someone, practice 7 times 7!

If you are practicing our 3 live sessions, then you are practicing forgiveness in a group. So, that counts for 3 times already. Practice…