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Study finds screen time linked with poor sleep, dietary patterns – 5 tips for better management&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

Key Highlights

  • Screen time has considerably gone up due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • According to a study, apart from the effects on the eyes, high screen time can lead to sleep and diet problems as well
  • Here are some effective tips to manage screen time, and reduce its ill-effects on your physical and mental health

New Delhi: Screens have become an inevitable part of our lives. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where work from home and online classes have become the new normal, people find themselves glued to some sort of screen – whether laptop or smartphone for hours during the day. Moreover, with nowhere to go, and stay at home restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus, watching TV or just mindlessly scrolling through social media platforms has become a common way to keep oneself entertained.

In the initial days, as screen time went up, people were concerned about their eyes and the strain such light causes on them, which can also increase the risk of poor eyesight. However, experts have now found that increased screen time may be having an effect on our overall health by disrupting sleep patterns and diet, among other adverse effects.

What the study says

In a study recently published in BMC Public Health, researchers have found that heavy use of screens, defined as screen usage of up to 17.5 hours per day, could lead to least healthful dietary patterns, and poorest health-related characteristics, compared with moderate to light users, who used screens for 11.3-7 hours in a day, respectively. 

“A lot of screen time-related literature has primarily focused on television,” Wharton who is assistant dean of innovation and strategic initiatives at Arizona State University’s College of Health Solutions, said. “But with the advancement of all these other types of devices that people use throughout the day, we wanted to see how health behaviours and factors are associated with a variety of screen-based devices.”

5 tips for better screen time management

Screen time has become a common issue among families, not only affecting mental and physical health but also taking over family time. Here are some tips for management of screen time that can help all members of the family, and reduce its negative effects.

  1. Include exercise in your routine – Some form of exercise is essential for a healthy body and mind, for all age groups. Exercising regularly at a fixed time can not only help you follow a healthy schedule, but will also ensure that you stay away from your phones/laptops and other screens for at least that amount of time when you are stressing it…

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