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Adriene Mishler's refreshingly relaxed yoga workouts have 8.34 million YouTube subscribers. (Photo: Courtesy of Yoga With Adriene)
Adriene Mishler’s refreshingly relaxed yoga workouts have 8.34 million YouTube subscribers. (Photo: Courtesy of Yoga With Adriene)

To call Adriene Mishler an overnight sensation is to diminish the years the Austin-based yoga instructor has spent building her Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel; indeed, the time stamp on her first 30 Days of Yoga challenge video dates back to 2015. Mishler’s relaxed and relatable approach — she’s not precious about picking dog hairs off her yoga mat or breezily brushing off any mistakes as “being human” — and hyper-specific videos focusing on everything from lower back pain to virtual P.E. has long endeared her to practitioners around the world.

Over the last few months of quarantine, that popularity has only skyrocketed thanks to a new demand for at-home workouts, not to mention soothing ways to reduce pandemic stress. Along the way, Mishler’s racked up more than 8 million YouTube subscribers charmed by her friendly style, “Find What Feels Good” ethos and what she calls her “short and digestible” format.

“It just anchors you in something,” Mishler tells Yahoo Life of the workouts that have reached almost cult-like status amid lockdown life. “We don’t even care sometimes what you do on the mat, it’s just the fact that you showed up and checked in with that relationship with yourself. That’s enough. That’s the care. That’s all you need.”

To find out what Mishler needs — and what makes her tick, especially during the pandemic — Yahoo Life quizzed the yoga world’s girl next door about her wellness rituals, quarantine hobbies and rules for setting boundaries.

How are you coping during the pandemic right now? Are there any new hobbies or practices you’ve picked up?

“The things that used to work, or used to be the way that I tend to things, they aren’t actually working anymore. The number-one thing that I’ve been doing lately is just remembering to constantly check in with today. Even if it’s just like, I bought a bike. Cool. First new bike of my adulthood. I started a garden. Huge. I love gardening … it doesn’t have to be a six-hour sesh. Cleaning things up, weeding, watering, little moments in the garden. Also walking — so basic, but you know, it’s so great to just keep in motion.

“I’ve really been enjoying the time with Benji [her dog] and my boyfriend; that’s actually been really lovely for me because I haven’t had that in many years. I’m often away. With all of the challenging things, those are the things I’m really relishing.”

So many people are turning to Yoga With Adriene during quarantine to create a positive routine and fill that well-being void. Do you have a Yoga With Adriene in your life?

“I can’t think of any one podcast or author or craft, but for me … the dog is my pride and joy, and that sounds so lame. Oh my gosh, I’ve become that person. But I don’t have children yet, and I think the time with Benji, when…