The 16 Best Yoga Bras to Buy, According to a Yoga Instructor – Health News Today

When it comes to practicing yoga, wearing a comfortable and supportive outfit is key to help you flow through your poses seamlessly and harmoniously. I honestly never gave my sports outfits too much thought until I started up yoga again a few months ago and realized just how uncomfortable I felt in my sports bra! (Not exactly the most convenient to get through an hour of intense poses). So today I wanted to hone in on some of the best yoga bras out there to keep us feeling comfortable and supported (while still looking stylish) so we can reap all the physical and mental benefits yoga has to offer.

To get more insight, I tapped into New York–based yoga instructor Phyllicia Bonanno, who practices yoga seven days a week—sometimes with longer flows and sometimes with meditation or breathing exercises. “Yoga is part of my daily lifestyle and incorporated into everything I do,” explains Bonanno. Just one look at her Instagram and it’ll make you want to reach for the mat and get limber asap! Below, she’s sharing some of her absolute favorite yoga bras that are not only ideal for yoga but are also super stylish. Read on to get inspired and shop her picks.

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