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Amla for immunity: The fruity berry can be incorporated in the diet in these easy ways.


  • Amla is a storehouse of good health and essential nutrients
  • It contains good amount of Vitamin C which helps build immunity
  • Here are 5 easy ways to include the superfood in your daily diet

Amla is the original Indian superfood which has been around since times immemorial. The tiny green fruit offers a range of health benefits such as improved immunity, smooth digestion and good skin and hair. A single serving of Amla can make for up to 46% of the daily dose of Vitamin C, which is a nutrient well-known to boost immunity. Science and Ayurveda both acknowledge that the benefits of eating Amla are manifold, yet, somehow we fail to include it in our diet due to a variety of reasons.

Amla is known to impact good immunity. 

While some complain of the pungent and sour taste of Amla, others fail to think of recipes and ideas which could use it effectively. With these easy tips and tricks, Amla will smoothly ease itself into your daily diet.

Here Are 5 Interesting Ways To Include Amla In Your Daily Diet:

1. Salads

Ditch the lemon in your salad dressing, and opt for a squirt of Amla juice instead! The taste will remain largely unaffected and your fruit or vegetable salad will get an additional boost of good health and immunity too.

mo3j030gAmla can be garnished over salads, whether made with fruits or vegetables. 

2. Tadka

Amla can be boiled in salt water to reduce the sour and pungent taste. After this, you can simply include chopped pieces of the boiled Amla in your everyday tadkas. The difference will be minimal but the nutritive content of the dish will automatically go up.

3. Herbal Tea

There are a wide variety of herbal teas for good immunity, so why not make the humble Amla a part of it? Simply incorporate a piece of chopped Amla to make your herbal tea decoction even more healthy.

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amla tea

4. Juice

Amla juice is known to work wonders for immunity and is also known as a powerful home remedy to treat cold and cough. Simply take freshly squeezed Amla juice and have it with a drop of honey to keep diseases at bay.

5. Chutney

When all else fails, there’s always chutney! A simple amla chutney can make for a flavourful addition to every meal and you can stock up the powerhouse of nutrients easily without hassle.

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hij54rigAmla chutney can be a delicious accompaniment to your meals. 

Indian gooseberry is the a vital ingredient which must be incorporated in our meals in some form or the other for a daily dose of good health. Try these methods, and do let us know in the comments below if you have any other ideas too!

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