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Ragi is considered as one of the most nutritious cereals. An immunity booster, when combined with vegetables, it’s a super healthy food for all the age groups. It can be made with any veggies of our choice. Soups make a perfect meal or appetisers in winters.

But frankly, we don’t need any reason or season to have such a nutritional food with a rainbow of veggies in it. This soup makes a wholesome high fibre and the protein-rich recipe can be served any-time as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snack. Ragi is a versatile millet and has a neutral taste, so any variety can be made using ragi.

Ragi Malt with milk and sugar tastes yummy and good as baby food. Rotis, jaava, ragi ambali, ragi mudda, and many more varieties can be made with ragi which is rich in calcium, helps in weight loss, has high fibre content, battles anaemia, reduces blood cholesterol, and also regulates blood sugar levels.

Because of its low glycemic index, it helps reduce food cravings and slows down the absorption of starch, thus helps in regulating the blood sugar for a diabetic. Let’s have the best food to stay healthy and happy.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes


• Ragi (finger millet) flour: 3 tbsps

• Carrot                             : ¼ cup

• Capsicum                             : ¼ Cup

• Green Peas                      : ¼ Cup

• Cabbage                             : ¼ Cup

• Cauliflower                      : ¼ Cup

• Tomatoes                             : ¼ Cup

• Onions                             : ¼ Cup

• Green chilies                      : 3 Nos

• Water                             : 3 cups

• Salt                             : ¾ tsp or as needed

• Pepper powder                      : ½ tsp

• Ajinomoto (Chinese salt)        : a pinch (optional)

• Garlic                             : 5 to 6 pods

• Coriander leaves                     : for garnishing


• In a pan, boil 3 cups of water on medium flame with a lid on it.

• Add diced carrots, diced capsicum, green peas, shredded cabbage ¼ cup each.

• Then add chopped cauliflower ¼ cup, 2 chopped tomatoes and 2 chopped onions.

• Now add 3 chopped green chilles,boil them all for 10 minutes on medium flame with a lid on in.

• In a bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of ragi flour with some water to avoid forming of lumps when we add it to the boiling veggies.

• Now add it to boiling veggies stirring it continuously and mix it thoroughly to avoid lumps.

• Cook it for some more time and then add 5 to 6 chopped garlic pods.

• Place a lid and let it cook on low flame for a few more minutes.

• Now, add…