Yoga teacher from Edgworth launches Peachy clothing brand – Health News Today

A yoga teacher from Edgworth has followed her dreams by launching her own clothing brand specialising in gym and lounge wear.

Jessica Pierce, 26, set up her own business, Peachy, at the end of July and it’s been going from strength to strength – helped along with the support of S Club 7 singer Rachel Stevens.

It might seem like a strange time to start your own business, but Jessica realised that online shopping was proving popular.

The Peachy founder said: “We launched just over a month ago at the end of July.

“This has always been something I’ve wanted to do, as a yoga teacher it just fits in with what I do.

“Over lockdown, I thought to myself why not just go for it. It was a bit risky but I also realised people were doing a lot more online shopping, so it was actually a good decision to launch an online brand.

“I used to be a graphic designer so I’ve done all the website and social media posts myself.”

As a yoga teacher Jessica knows the ins and outs of active wear so she’s ensured that her clothes are durable.

She said:”I work with local suppliers to sources the clothes, and I’ve made sure the leggings are 100% squat proof and great for exercising in.

“The quality of the clothes is really important for me, that’s what sets Peachy apart.

“All the logos are embroidered by a company in Bolton, it’s good to support other local businesses.

“My favourite items are the marbled lounge sets, the material is just so soft and snuggly.”

Social media has had a huge impact on the brand and as a former graphic designer she knows what she’s doing.

Jessica said:”It’s been really good so far, I’ve had a good response on social media and it’s helping to grow the brand.

“I’ve been in touch with local celebrities too to offer them clothes, and singer Rachel Stevens from S Club 7 has been wearing some of the lounge wear which is amazing.

“It was a bit cringey as I told her they were my favourite band, but she was lovely.

“All my friends have been involved with the photoshoots which was really fun, it’s been a wonderful experience.”