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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s successor will be officially named on Sept. 17 at an extraordinary Diet session, officials of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the Abe administration said.

According to the plan, an election for LDP president will be held in mid-September under a simplified format that will exclude rank-and-file members and friends of the party from voting.

The winner is expected to be elected prime minister in the Diet, given that the ruling coalition holds a majority in the Lower House.

The election proclamation is slated for Sept. 8.

A general meeting of LDP lawmakers of both Diet chambers is expected to be held on Sept. 14 to select the new party president.

The establishment of a new opposition party, consisting of members of the Democratic Party for the People and the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, is scheduled for Sept. 16.

Therefore, the extraordinary Diet session is likely to be held on Sept. 17. The session will close shortly after the new prime minister is named.

The Diet is expected to next convene in or after October.

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