Katya Elise Henry Jiggles Her Insane Booty During Close-Up Workout Video – Health News Today

Fitness model Katya Elise Henry gave her 7.6 million Instagram viewers a welcome eyeful of her famous behind in a tantalizing update on Sunday evening. The curvaceous brunette shared a clip documenting a recent gym session that worked her killer thighs and glutes, which racked up almost 55,000 views in the first 45 minutes after it was uploaded.

The caption gave a written description of the routine, for which she credited her separate trainer account on Instagram, as well as some encouragement for fans who are looking to bulk up their rear end.

Katya wore a pair of skintight, heather gray leggings that left little to the imagination. The lightweight fabric clung to every curve of her lower body as she moved, particularly in the area between and below her luscious cheeks. The photographer kept a tight focus on her booty for most of the video, so as not to miss a second of her alluring jiggle during the strenuous workout.

Additionally, she wore a gray sports bra underneath a black hoodie with long sleeves that looped over her thumbs and a tiny, cropped midriff that showed off her bare abdominal muscles. She finished off the ensemble with a pair of black and white tennis shoes.

The reel began with Katya flaunting her workout wear in front of a large chalkboard. The phrase “If it’s humanly possible, I know I can do it,” appeared to be written across the top in block letters.

Katya faced the camera and twisted side-to-side, placing her hands on both shapely hips for a moment and smiling. She flirtatiously rolled her eyes up to the ceiling just before turning around to display her backside. A few damp spots of sweat dotted the small of her back, illustrating the intensity of her session.

After the quick intro, the video dove straight in to a brief demonstration of each activity. She started with a set of awe-inspiring squats while holding an enormous set of weights across her shoulders. A transition to a slight variation with her legs apart from one another was no less impressive. Every time she stood, the network of toned muscles was visible flexing and rippling beneath her athletic wear.

The third portion filmed Katya doing deep walking lunges across the gym floor, holding a set of smaller weights.

The final exercise utilized a workout machine and involved her pressing the pulley weight down to the ground with one foot at a time.

Katya used the song “Runnin’” by the Pharcyde as the background track during the video.