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A yoga teacher who suffers from extreme acne has revealed how she was left in tears when online trolls told her that her skin was “beyond help”.

Jessica Mackenzie, 25, said she spent most of her teenage years acne-free, but her skin got worse in the past four years.

The yoga teacher from Edinburgh, Scotland, has been sharing photos of herself on her Instagram profile to encourage skin positivity and rebuild her confidence.

Her acne is mainly concentrated on her cheeks and causes her skin to become hot, itchy and inflamed.

Jessica’s followers have reached out praising her authenticity

She struggles to sleep her side and uses ice packs most nights to treat the inflammation.

When she first started to develop issues with her skin, she became very anxious about the sudden change in her appearance.

She said she was left in tears due to cruel comments she received after sharing snaps of her skin online.

Online trolls told Jessica that her skin is ‘beyond help’

Some trolls told her nasty things such as “that is unhealthy skin” and “your skin is beyond help”.

Over the years she tried various acne solutions including vitamins, spot patches, skin peels, facials, and several skincare products, Mail Online reports.

She revealed: “I’ve spent so long trying to treat my acne. I’ve changed my diet, taken vitamins, used spot patches, and done skin peels and facials.

The first bare-faced selfie Jessica posted on Instagram

“I’ve been prescribed five different topical treatments and every possible skin antibiotic.

“I’ve spent hundreds on skincare brands. Last year I got skin peels quite regularly which did really help my skin settle but at sixty-five-pounds a treatment every two weeks, it wasn’t feasible long term.”

She has also opted for a new treatment and is now on a course of Roaccutane – a retinoid medication – which privately costs £1,600 for a six-month course.

Jessica, from Edinburgh, is a yoga instructor

Jessica encourages her followers to embrace their own bare-faced beauty

Jessica said she was encouraged to share photos of her acne after seeing snaps of a model.

She said: “Seeing that model with acne sparked a sudden interest in promoting real skin which is when I took to Instagram.

“I scrolled for hours with goose bumps in shock at how big and beautiful the community is – I had no idea.”

Jessica with her partner

The yoga teacher is now encouraging other women to embrace their beauty – with acne and all.

Even though she received some negative comments, Jessica said most of them were encouraging.

She explained: “People commented on my bare-faced selfie saying that I was inspiring, looked beautiful, and that my words were powerful.

Jessica before…