PLA to deploy robot cooks, reduce oily and deep fried diet to cut food wastage – – Health News Today

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will deploy AI-driven robot cooks, eschew luxury cooking, cut down on deep-fried dishes and oily diets to reduce food wastage and introduce frugality in food habits of soldiers and officers, a state media report said on Thursday.

These measures and the introduction of advanced cooking techniques including “high-energy saving stoves” and more steamed dishes are part of the PLA’s response to President Xi Jinping’s “clean plate campaign” clarion call – a renewed effort to reduce food wastage in China.

Xi’s campaign comes in the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has battered the Chinese economy into contraction this year, and the worst floods in years.

Chinese official media, Xinhua, quoted Xi calling the issue of food waste “shocking and distressing” and said it was important to “…maintain a sense of crisis regarding food security”.

The PLA has been among the first to respond to the boss’s campaign. Besides being the general secretary of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), Xi is the head of the Central Military Commission (CMC), which is the armed forces’ administrator.

A report published in the PLA Daily said the PLA’s effort will be to “…create an atmosphere of shame in waste and pride in saving”.

The focus will be to “Avoid over-processing and luxurious cooking, increase the number of cooked vegetables, reduce the variety of fried vegetables, and reduce the consumption of edible oil”.

The CMC’s Logistic Support Department will oversee the changes, the report said.

New technologies will be adapted to cook in a “green, intelligent” way, the report added.

It includes exploring the “…application of advanced cooking equipment “…such as high-efficiency energy-saving stoves, universal steaming ovens, cooking robots, improve the mechanization and intelligent-level meal preparation, reduce cooking labour intensity, and reduce cooking energy consumption.”

For the 2-million strong PLA, the improvement in nutrition has been gradual.

“From 1978 to 2000, the PLA improved the nutrition standards mainly by raising the percentage of meat and vegetables in the personnel’s diet to help them meet the needs of training and fighting,” the state-run China Daily reported earlier.

“Since 2000, the CMC has been focusing more on balanced nutrition. Over the past decade, the PLA has prepared different menus for officers and soldiers deployed at different posts to fully protect their health, and the ingredients for every dish are selected to ensure balanced nutrition.”