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New Delhi: The human brain is an organ that is the most complicated and sophisticated part of our anatomy. You can heal the delicate brain through alternative healing techniques such as yoga and meditation. Yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques are all designed to trigger neurons that can change our habits, and form new neural pathways. Practice these following yogic methods of pranayama and meditation techniques to protect and heal the brain.  

Soothing Meditation Technique – Bheej Dhyan/Aarambh Dhyan

Bheej Dhyaan

The mind is very much like a fertile land where we plant the seeds of our thoughts, and actions for our life. For a plant to grow beautifully, it needs its share of sunlight, fertilizer, and water. Much like a plant, how we nurture our mind and our energies will be reflected in the way that we grow. Bheej Dhyan is the meditation technique that teaches us to pause in life. We can use this method to sow the seeds that can bring about a great improvement in our life. Whether we want to start a new habit, change our response, or behaviour, all depends on the mind.


  • Sit in any comfortable seated position such as Sukhasana, Ardha Padamasana, Padamasana, or Vajrasana
  • Keep your spine erect and gently close your eyes
  • Hold Siddhamudra in your seated meditative pose
  • Imagine and visualize two holes- one black and one white in front of you
  • The Black Hole is a powerful force of suction which only takes from you, and the white hole radiates strong and dynamic positive energies
  • The White Hole is powerful and contains the energies equivalent to a billion suns
  • Begin with an exhale and send out emotions such as pain, doubt, guilt, shame, trauma, anger, sorrow, envy, negativity into the black hole that you have visualized
  • There is a pause between the inhalation and the exhalation. This pause is a very important part of the process
  • In this pause, whenever you exhale, feel that you have emptied all these destructive emotions or thoughts into the black hole
  • Inhale and gather energy from the white hole. This energy will consist of new ways of thinking, new ideas, transformative habits or behaviour that contribute to your growth
  • When you inhale the powerful positive energies, these are like seeds that you are sowing into your mind. Use the pause after you inhale to sow these seeds
  • You will feel a vibration after many rounds of inhaling and exhaling. Slow down your breathing at this point
  • You will visualize many wonderful things 
  • Practice this for at least 100-200 times a day for 3-4 weeks to perfect this meditation technique 
  • Once perfected, you can use it at times whenever you want and wherever you want.

Preparing the Environment: 

  • Practice this technique of Bheej Dhyan at dawn as the sun rises
  • Before you proceed, ensure…

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