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Many of the fruit juices that you buy in the supermarket are 10 percent fruit and 90 percent sugar, points out Escobar. Things aren’t much better even if you squeeze the juice yourself, she says. Think about it: when you eat a piece of fruit, let’s say an orange, you only eat one or two at a time. Not only does it have less sugar than juice, but it’s also packed with fiber, which is digested more slowly, keeps your blood sugar stable, and makes you feel full longer. If you make fresh-squeezed juice, you’re going to need, easily, five or six oranges. That’s pretty much all sugar and no fiber, setting you up for a spike in blood sugar and the jitters.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under one year don’t get fruit juice at all; that kids aged one to three have no more than three ounces a day; children four through six no more than four to six ounces daily; and a maximum of eight ounces for children seven years and older. Dried fruit, with such concentrated sugar, poses much the same problem.

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