Kitten tests positive for rabies in Oneida County; multiple adults and other – Health News Today

A kitten has tested positive for rabies in the city of Rome, according to an announcement by the Oneida County Health Department.

The kitten was sent to the state Department of Health Wadsworth Center Laboratory in Albany for testing on Thursday, and positive results were reported on Friday, according to the Rome Sentinel.

Multiple adults and pets were exposed to the kitten, and are receiving appropriate treatment, said Oneida County Health Department officials. No further information was given about the kitten or how other people and animals were exposed.

The Health Department issued the following advice about rabies and animals — including pets:

*Signs of rabies include: Animal acting strangely; animal acting mad; animal acting shy – the animal may get unusually close; and drooling or foaming from the mouth.

*If anyone sees an animal, wild or stray, with these signs, they should not approach it and stay away. If any animal is acting strangely, call a local animal control officer for help.

*Residents are strongly urged to not approach animals that they do not know. For the safety of pets and the convenience of county residents, the Oneida County Health Department offers Rabies Vaccination Clinics throughout the year in various community locations.

Vaccination recommendations for pets:

• All cats, dogs, and ferrets age three-months or older must have a current rabies vaccination, even if they stay indoors.

• Dogs and cats must receive a rabies vaccination at 3-months-old, one year, and then once every three years.

• Ferrets must receive a rabies vaccination every year.

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