How To Do A Forearm Plank Correctly, From A Fitness Instructor – Health News Today

“I love forearm plank because it’s a functional, full-body exercise that doesn’t require a ton of time or equipment to be super effective,” Quadrini says. “Forearm planks activate your 360 core, firing up your transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, and your obliques, along with your glutes and arms.”

And having a strong core, she explains, is very important for balance, posture, supporting your low back, and enhancing your overall workout performance.

Plus, the benefits don’t stop in your core. This pose works everything: arms, legs, glutes, abs, chest, shoulders—you name it. (And if you’re incorporating forearm plank into your yoga practice, you’ll be glad to know this pose is excellent for strengthening your chaturanga arms.)

“A quick forearm plank is also a great way to boost your energy and mood,” Quadrini adds, “and I love that there are tons of plank variations you can add to your workouts to keep it fun and challenging!”

There’s a reason planks and plank variations are a standby in so many different workouts: They work. Next time you need a boost or find yourself in a yoga flow, add a forearm plank to the mix to target and strengthen your full body.

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