What It’s Like to Teach Yoga Over Zoom – Health News Today

Photo: Baylee Cocagne/Courtesy of Amanda Gloria Valdes

The Cut is asking readers to share what they’re doing with their money — or lack thereof — in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. This week we spoke to Amanda Gloria Valdes, a 38-year-old yoga instructor who spent eight years building her niche in New York’s competitive industry. In March, she was suddenly unemployed for the first time in her life, and found herself jockeying for clients online. She spoke with the Cut about what it’s like teaching from her parents’ living room in New Jersey, and why the yoga studio business model was never sustainable in the first place.

It can be really tough to make it as a yoga instructor in New York. What was your career trajectory before now?
Before all this started, I was teaching 15 to 16 classes a week at different studios. I was also doing teacher training and a mentoring program for yoga teachers who were developing their careers. So I was working seven days a week — not all day, but every day. It probably wasn’t the healthiest. But that’s what I needed to do to afford living in New York City, unfortunately. I’m 38 and I had three roommates in Bed-Stuy. You know how these rents are; it’s astronomical if you want a nice apartment. I worked really hard just to be able to pay to live, buy nutritious food, and sustain myself. And there was nothing left for savings, zero. You spend it all. And once you get used to working at that pace, you just keep doing it.

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