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Working from home now feels like living at work, so we’re all more tired than ever. And part of the reason is because since our office is now in our house, it’s harder for us to “switch off”.

But it’s important to unwind after a long day and yoga is a great way to lower the stress and anxiety you accumulated throughout the day. Doing a series of relaxing poses before bed regularly can help you sleep better in the longterm. Here are eight easy ones you can do just before tucking yourself in.

1. Hero Pose

In a seated position, ensure your back in straight and that your palms are on your thighs or knees. While doing this pose, close your eyes and reflect. Take up to a minute to meditate in the pose.

And by doing the Hero Pose over time, it’ll help to stretch the thighs and improve your posture.

2. Camel Pose


With both knees on the ground (shoulder-length apart), slowly bend backwards, with the back of your palms reaching for the ground. Take a few deep breaths, and then slowly come up to where your torso is in line with your legs.

This pose will help stretch out your shoulders, back and chest – perfect for days when you’re constantly slouching. Over time, this pose will also help you to achieve better posture, and gain strength in your back muscles.

3. Bridge Pose


Lie on your back, with both fists beside you. Then lift both knees, keeping your feet on the ground. After which, lift your buttocks. Ensure that your legs and thighs are parallel to the floor, with your hands below your torso region.

Similar to the camel pose, this pose helps to stretch your back. It also helps to open up your chest and shoulders, giving you a thorough stretch, both front and back.

4. Upward Dog


Start off by lying on the mat, chest side down. Take both your hands, pressing your palms to the ground and push yourself up. Ensure that your feet are flat, with your toes pointing out. Make sure that your legs are together, not touching the ground. Finally, be sure to look straight ahead and keep your head up.

When it’s done right, this pose will help to strengthen various areas – arms, wrists, thighs, and buttocks

5. Knee to chest

With your back on your mat, take both of your knees and hold them together with your hands. For a further stretch, make sure you feel a slight strain in your thighs.

This pose, while it looks simple, actually helps many different parts of your body, such as the pelvis and lower back.. When paired with meditation, it can also help with anxiety and stress, relieving you after a long day of work.

6. Supine Twist

Lie with your back on the mat, arms spread out. Then, take one knee and stretch it 90 degrees to the opposite side, with one hand ensuring the leg stays down. Repeat for the other leg as well.

This pose is especially good for those having long hours just sitting and doing work. It’ll help with overcoming stiff back muscles and tissues, relieving you of your back pain.

7. Child Pose


Start off by…