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Walnuts Almonds

Calories 185 170

Fats 18.5 grams 15 grams

Protein 4.3 grams 6 grams

Carbs 4 grams 6 grams

Fibre 2 grams 3 grams

Vitamin E 1.3% of the daily value (DV) 45% of DV

Phosphorous 8% of DV 11% of DV

Magnesium 11% of DV 19% of DV

The carb, fat and protein content of both the nuts are almost the same but almonds are packed with more minerals.

Walnuts, however, have more omega 3 fatty acids and are the nuts with the highest ALA content. ALA cannot be produced by the body thus you must get it from foods. ALA helps in reducing inflammation and improves brain and heart health.

So, both almonds and walnuts have their own set of health benefits. But to choose one over the other, you need to find out the purpose for which you are consuming them.

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