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When it comes to happy hour, health is rarely top of mind. But could it be? As alcohol sales are spiking across the country this year, it’s important to remember that there are healthier options out there — and to not overdo it with the booze. If you plan on an enjoying a cocktail from time to time, why not choose one that’s a tad healthier for you?

With so many new canned drinks being sold these days, it’s hard to know which one to choose. As a registered dietitian, I did my research to track down the healthiest canned cocktails to enjoy this summer. These premade drinks aren’t just effortlessly delicious, they’re also easy to take on-the-go (as in to a socially distanced barbecue or beach outing). While these drinks boast many nutritious ingredients, keep in mind the amounts of fruit or botanicals are pretty small so don’t go skipping your morning green juice.

1. Pineapple Orange Hard Kombucha

Juneshine 100 Pineapple Orange Hard Kombucha

Kombucha is a favorite bev of the wellness world, and for good reason. The fizzy, fermented tea contains probiotics, beneficial bacteria (finally, some good germs!) that promote gut health and aid in digestion. And now that it can be enjoyed in cocktail form, kombucha just got a lot more fun.

Juneshine’s 100 Pineapple Orange Hard Kombucha is our top choice. The 100-calorie drink is gluten-free, organic and non-GMO. This drink is made from jun, a cousin of traditional kombucha. Made with honey instead of cane sugar, Juneshine is smoother, lighter and absent of any soury bite. Perhaps the coolest part, Junshine features a graph on their site with a breakdown of what’s inside their cans (probiotics and antioxidants) versus what will never be (corn syrup and preservatives).

Ingredients: Pineapple, orange, green tea, honey, cane sugar, jun kombucha, alcohol by volume (ABV): 6%

2. Ruby Grapefruit Wine Spritzer

Ramona Ruby Grapefruit Wine Spritzer

Drinking under the hot summer sun can lead to dehydration. You’ll still want to drink plenty of water, but this Ramona Ruby Grapefruit Wine Spritzer may help avoid this from happening. The drink’s key ingredient, grapefruit, will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Along with this zesty fruit, the 90-calorie can also contains organic Sicilian grapes and grape juice, all simple ingredients you can trust. A gluten-free, vegan and BPA-free choice? There’s no reason you shouldn’t be searching the store shelves for this blend.

Ingredients: Organic grapes, grape juice (in sparkling wine), natural ruby grapefruit, ABV: 7.5%

3. Hibiscus Hard Tea

Loverboy Hibiscus Pom Hard Tea

This Loverboy Hibiscus Pom Hard Tea brings a whole new meaning to tea time. Crack open a 90-calorie can for the ultimate burst of flavor. It’s free of sugar, gluten and artificial flavors, unlike the sickly sweet teas you’re used to sipping on. To make the yummy drink, organic hibiscus is steeped and brewed like a tea, paired with tangy pomegranate, and topped off with a hint of lime…