5 Tibetan Exercises You Need To Be Doing Every Day – Health News Today

It’s not called the “Fountain of Youth” for nothing.

It’s time to get moving!

It’s important that we stay active and stretch our bodies on a daily basis. Although it’s certainly no secret that exercise comes with multiple benefits, what if it could also help you stay youthful?

Talk about another incredible added bonus. It’s called “The Fountain of Youth,” and it’s an ancient ritual that includes five Tibetan rites, or exercises, for keeping the body flexible, nimble and young.

It has been known to not only provide physical benefits, but also spiritual and mental benefits.

Although these exercises are more than 2,500 years old, thought to be originally created by the leaders of Tibetan Buddhism, they were not introduced to Western culture until the 1980s. 

The practice strengthens the body’s muscles and helps with balance. And if you’re getting bored with regular old yoga (how many downward dog poses can one do, am I right?), this is a great chance to switch up your routine and learn some new exercises.

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