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We rated 20 coronavirus treatments for effectiveness and safety:

We rated 20 coronavirus treatments

for effectiveness and safety:

We rated 20 coronavirus treatments

for effectiveness and safety:

The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the greatest challenges modern medicine has ever faced. Doctors and scientists are scrambling to find treatments and drugs that can save the lives of infected people and perhaps even prevent infection.

Below is an updated list of 20 of the most-talked-about treatments for the coronavirus, including some of the most promising, interesting and potentially harmful. We also included a warning about a few that are just bunk.

The F.D.A. has not fully licensed any treatment specifically for the coronavirus, but it has granted emergency use authorization to a few.

For the current status of vaccine development, see our Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker.

What the Ratings Mean

We rate each treatment based on the scientific evidence for its effectiveness and safety. We’ll update and expand the list as more evidence emerges.

STRONG EVIDENCE: The treatment has been demonstrated to be effective and safe, either through a robust clinical trial or widespread use by doctors. The strongest trials are randomized controlled trials, in which some people get a treatment and others get a placebo.

PROMISING EVIDENCE: Early evidence from studies on patients suggests effectiveness, but more research is needed. This category includes treatments that have shown improvements in morbidity, mortality and recovery in retrospective studies, which look at existing datasets rather than starting a new trial.

TENTATIVE OR MIXED EVIDENCE: Some treatments show promising results in cells or animals, which need to be confirmed in people. Other treatments have produced different results in different experiments, raising the need for larger, more rigorously designed studies to clear up the confusion.

NOT PROMISING: These treatments show mixed evidence that suggests that they do not work.

INEFFECTIVE AND POSSIBLY HARMFUL: These treatments were once seriously considered for Covid-19 but have not held up under scientific scrutiny, proving to be ineffective or even harmful.

PSEUDOSCIENCE OR FRAUD: These are not treatments that researchers have ever considered using for Covid-19. Experts have warned against trying them, because they do not help against the disease and can instead be dangerous. Some people have even been arrested for their false promises of a Covid-19 cure.

No results at this time. Future updates may use this category.

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