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Chances are, 2020 hasn’t been that good to you so far.

If you’re like many Americans, maybe you’ve gained a few pounds over the course of this ongoing global crisis that doesn’t seem to show any signs of waning.

Facing new stresses each day, comfort food has taken a more predominant role in many homes as we attempt to soothe our growing anxiety with pantry fare.

In a poll of more than 1,000 U.S. readers of WebMD, nearly half of the women and almost one-quarter of the men said they’d gained weight “due to COVID restrictions.”

But while our attention might be focused on what’s going in our mouths, we might want to look at what’s going in our eyes and ears.

Since the quarantine spring, our daily exposure to media has increased dramatically. With most of us stuck at home and demanding new information about this pandemic, the use of cable news and social media has skyrocketed.

And with this nonstop barrage of commentary (with actual news occasionally sprinkled in), Americans are angrier than ever. Riots, pandemics, elections all give us ample fodder for outrage.

We see things we need to share with the world, or at least those who will listen to us, to let them know just how rotten things are getting.

Social media only fuels these divides. As Facebook only stands to financially benefit from this outrage, it has no motivation to stop. Like most media platforms, outrage equals engagement.

So, while our “rage boulder” continues to build momentum, barreling towards a November election, there is something you can do.

Try a new diet.

How much time do you spend on social media or watching cable news? We all have the desire to remain connected and informed, but even the healthiest of foods can be detrimental if we eat too much.

We eat around three meals a day, but our senses are consuming information 24-7. Counting calories is much easier to control than what you choose to see and hear.

Try this: Take a week, just one week, and unplug from your normal routine. I’m not saying cut yourself off from the world – only your routine.

Focusing on limiting your exposure to social media and news (yes, I’m actually suggesting this), and begin replacing those minutes that turn into hours with something that brings you real joy and peace.

For one week, simply focus on filling your eyes and ears with positivity. Fill those hours usually spent on social media and news for music, art, literature and having real conversations with…