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A large portion of gym-goers don’t believe they’ll be going back to gyms or fitness centers when they reopen as the region recovers from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A newly released study shows that even when COVID-19 lockdowns end – gyms are still not open in New York and Connecticut – people will continue utilizing new exercise routines that they learned during the pandemic.

Two thousand adults who reported they exercise at least twice a week were polled recently by LIFEAID Beveraoges Co., which found that nearly a quarter of those who responded (24 percent) said they will never return to the gym.

A third said they will keep their gym memberships, but expect to go less frequently following the lifting of lockdowns. Approximately half of the respondents plan to wait several weeks to return to gyms once they’re reopened.

The study found that 42 percent of Americans have been using their home gyms, which they found were preferable to fitness clubs, and a quarter of the respondents said they’ll refuse to go to gyms that require face coverings.

When gyms reopen, 40 percent of gym-goers plan to sanitize equipment before use, and nine out of 10 said they will be increasingly vigilant about others wiping down equipment, though just half said they would call out somebody for not properly sanitizing.

“We understand why some gym-goers may reject wearing a mask throughout their entire workout, but no one should drop the ball on cleanliness and disinfection of hands and equipment,” Aaron Hinde, co-founder of LIFEAID Beverages said in a statement. “It’s a courtesy and a personal responsibility as much as the responsibility of the gyms.” 

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