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Updated: July 7, 2020 10:51:44 am

Anand Ahuja is a fitness junkie, says Sonam Kapoor. (Source: anandahuja/Instagram)

Anand Ahuja has lately been giving us fitness goals. He recently took to Instagram to post a throwback picture of him acing a complex forearm stand.

The picture was originally shared by Rhea Kapoor who wrote, “Brother-in-law is a kind beast.”

Take a look at his post below:

anand ahuja, fitness, yoga Anand Ahuja posted a throwback picture of him doing the Scorpion yoga pose. (Source: anandahuja/Instagram)

If you are wondering what the yoga pose is all about, it is the Scorpion forearm stand or Vrischikasana, an advanced pose that can be done once you have developed enough core strength and shoulder mobility, according to

Anand Ahuja is quite a fitness enthusiast. Talking about his passion for fitness, Sonam Kapoor also wrote on Instagram, “My husband is a fitness junkie and during this lockdown I have realised how emotional health and physical health are interconnected. His discipline, his optimism and well being had been inspiring. It took me a while to get here, where I understood his obsession with health. Now I am there as well as he sets an incredible example because of that. I am trying my best to take care of myself every which way.”

anand ahuja fitness, sonam kapoor Sonam Kapoor took to Instagram to appreciate Anand’s passion for fitness. (Source: sonamkapoor/Instagram)

This yoga pose works on the shoulders, arms, core and the back. The pose itself shows how it can improve balance and flexibility of the spine. It also stretches the hip flexors and chest muscles.

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How to do Scorpion pose or Vrischikasana

You can start practising the pose against a wall. But before you begin, it is recommended you build your strength and flexibility by doing the Dolphin pose or the Downward-facing Dog pose and Camel pose.

Here’s how to do it:

* Position yourself so that you are facing a wall. Get into the Dolphin pose and position your hands and knees with your forearms flat on the floor. The arms should be parallel to each other and shoulder-width apart.

* Raise your toes and lift up your hips into the air.

* From the Dolphin pose, walk your feet closer to your elbows. Now lift one leg above, with your toes pointing towards the ceiling. Now kick up the other leg such that both are positioned above you, parallel with your spine.

* Once you achieve the forearm stand, gradually lift your chin to look at your hands. Bend one knee slowly with the toes pointed. Move your toes in the direction of your head. Repeat with the other leg. If you are practising against a wall, rest your toes against it.

* To return to the starting position, gradually…