Soha Ali Khan owes her blemish free skin to inverted yoga postures – Health News Today

The actress and mother-of-one shared some of her go-to beauty and skincare tips that help her achieve flawless skin in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla. Check it out!

EXCLUSIVE: Soha Ali Khan owes her blemish free skin to inverted yoga postures and coconut oil

An actress known for her diverse roles in cinema with films like Tum Mile and Rang De Basanti, Soha Ali Khan has time-and-again proved that she knows how to ace the role of the girl-next-door. What helps her keep this image up, apart from her acting, is her flawless glowing skin and luscious hair. 
Through her pregnancy with daughter Inayaa too, the actress didn”t seem to have any breakouts and her skin only improved with time!
Though she does workout and is always hydrating herself, the actress told Pinkvilla exclusively, “I’m lucky to have been blessed with good skin genetically.”

She doesn’t discredit her hard work when it comes to looking after her skin though! Now that she, like everybody else is isolating, we were curious about her current skincare regimen. “It’s mostly a mix of habits. Washing and moisturising my face before I sleep and using face masks/sheets from time-to-time.”
But that’s not all. The actress also believes it is important to eat healthy and nutritious food to keep the skin healthy from inside. “So I don’t forget to include foods such as berries, avocados, tomatoes and almonds which are all known to enhance skin health,” she revealed. 

While the world was under lockdown, DIY methods became the go-to for beauty and skincare experts. The actress too embraced using natural ingredients for her skin. “Coconut oil has been a staple throughout the years for my skin and hair. Recently, I discovered and indulged in a matcha face pack, it was something different yet worked wonders for my skin.”

Not just that, the actress also believes in exercising for the skin! At home, Soha reveals that she has, “Been using SPF and trying inverted postures in Yoga, which is good for the skin and blood circulation.”
And if there is one ingredient that Soha believes in that boosts skin health, it has to be almonds. “They contain healthy fats and Vitamin E which have shown to impart anti-ageing properties that may benefit skin health,” said the doting mother about a kitchen staple she has and will continue to include in her routine. 

What is something you have picked up during the lockdown and will continue to practice for better skin? Comment below and let us know.