Yoga studios reopen – Health News Today

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — Yoga Body Shop in Johnson City reopened its doors Saturday.

Owner Linda Sambursky said the studio was approved to open through the Department of Labor, as yoga instruction falls under phase three.

Like many local businesses, Yoga Body Shop has been closed since mid-March.

“It was scary,” said Sambursky. “Not knowing if you could pay your bills, not knowing if your members were going to stick with you, not knowing if they were going to come back. It was just really scary.”

Sambursky says they found out they could reopen for in-person classes, just one day before the reopening.

“We had everything ready. We were ready to go,” says Sambursky.

A number of changes have been made to keep clients and staff safe. Clients receive a temperature check upon entering, and must be below 98.6. Everyone must wear a mask, until settled on their mat.

There is no physical interaction between instructors and clients, and classes have been significantly reduced. The main room has a maximum capacity of 75 people, but is now cut down to 24.

Yoga Body Shop offered virtual classes throughout the pandemic, and the virtual option is still available for clients who don’t feel comfortable coming to the studio just yet.

While being closed was challenging, Sambursky says she’s thankful for the ability to teach classes in-person, once again.

“Everything has a purpose and things are starting to slowly open and we’re very grateful to open, and continue supporting the community.”

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