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For most of us, 2020 has been filled with ever-changing emotional challenges — and it’s only June. To help us all navigate this complex and sometimes overwhelming year, we’ve hunted down the best tools we can find to support our emotional, physical and mental health. The one app that has stood out from the rest is Yoga Wake Up. In fact, the Yoga Wake Up app has become one of our top personal wellness recommendations for 2020.

Here’s why we’re hooked on it. Many of us know how good we feel when we incorporate yoga and meditation into our routines, but finding the time and energy right now can feel absolutely daunting. More than ever, we’re craving comfort and trying to incorporate challenging new habits or workouts at home can leave us feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

That’s where Yoga Wake Up has become the ultimate game-changer. Yoga Wake Up replaces your usual morning alarm with easy, audio-guided yoga or meditation in bed. You can choose from hundreds of unique sessions to find the teacher or routine that fits you best and most sessions are between three and fifteen minutes.

Waking up to a five-minute stretch and positive meditation is just the start of it. To explore what a full day using the Yoga Wake Up app is really like, we invited Kimberly Fe’Lix Forney to take us along with her and show us just how she uses it.

Kimberly is a LA based wellness advocate, writer, and mother of three. We love the way she uses the app to ground and re-connect with herself upon waking, for mid-day sanity breaks, and to center herself (and her kids!) before hitting the hay at night.

Today on IGTV, Kimberly is walking us through her inspiring routine with the app. Our favorite part is the calming mid-day break she takes to re-center herself from a harried day at home with three children. This is the kind of modern-day habit we all need! Sit back and enjoy Kimberly’s walk through above. Find highlights and tips from the wellness advocate on how to make the most of the app below. TCM Readers new to the Yoga Wake Up app will receive 25% off a year-long subscription by using our link here or in the banners above and below. Want to try the app first? Download Yoga Wake Up from the app store and try one of their free yoga or meditation sessions on the house! We recommend the three-minute ‘This Too Shall Pass’ session with Arielle Marie Fanelli. 

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+ Check in with yourself. How is your breath? Have you had a chance to check in, ground and reconnect with yourself? What times of the day are most stressful for you?

+ Now more than ever, finding a consistent practice to support yourself is key to taking care of your family or whoever is home with you now.

+ Consider creating a bedside area with items to help you fill your soul and find solace. Include favorite books, scents, colors and sounds.

+ Yoga and meditation can help us stay emotionally well and healthfully adjust to the current climate of change. 

+ Use the Yoga Wake Up app as an…