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Updated: June 22, 2020 9:53:47 pm

Strenuous exercise daily can shorten lifespan, a study found. (Source: Getty images)

In a study that analysed longevity data for professional Japanese traditional artistes, researchers found that Kabuki (classical Japanese dance-drama) performers, known for their vigorous movements, had shorter lifespans compared to other art performers who lead relatively sedentary lifestyles.

Based on its findings, the study published in the journal Palgrave Communications suggested that job-related strenuous exercise throughout life may not necessarily extend longevity.

The study was conducted by Naoyuki Hayashi and Kazuhiro Kezuka of Tokyo Tech’s Institute of Liberal Arts.

Exercising daily is known to be the key to leading a long and healthy life. Some studies, however, question the idea of vigorous daily exercise.

The current study compared the lifespans of four groups of Japanese traditional art forms. They hypothesised that Kabuki actors would lead longer lives owing to the high-level physical activity involved in their theatrical performances, compared with Sado, Rakugo and Nagauta practitioners, who are known to perform tea ceremonies, recount comic stories and play musical instruments while sitting, respectively.

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Contrary to their expectations, the lifespan of Kabuki actors was found to be shorter than that of the other three types. Researchers postulate that one of the reasons for Kabuki actors’ shorter lifespan is that excessive endurance training and physical activity overwhelms the beneficial aspects of regular physical exercise.

The data however examined male-dominated professions only, which means it does not give a complete picture of population-wide longevity including females.

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