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By utilizing apps, touchscreen displays, live and on-demand classes, and remote personal training, a new wave of smart fitness equipment is helping to recreate the gym or fancy fitness studio class experience at home. And now that you’re likely spending more time at home, there’s really no better time to get fit than the present.

Most smart gym equipment is pricey — typically a few thousand dollars — so it’s not yet accessible to everyone. But if you’re truly ready to work out at home, replacing your gym membership or weekly SoulCycle class with a smart exercise bike could pay for itself over time.

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And with any new technology, it can be expensive at first, but the costs can come down over time as more products hit the market. Whether you want to do resistance training, high-intensity interval training, a full body workout, indoor cycling, or other workout routines, this is the top smart workout equipment you can buy right now.

At first glance, the $1,495 Mirror is nothing more than a full-length mirror you’d use to check your outfit in the morning. But look closer and you see that it’s also an LCD screen. With the Mirror you can watch instructor-lead live and on-demand fitness classes (with a required $39 per month membership) and check your form at the same time. Anyone who’s worked out at home knows what it’s like to wonder if their form is correct during each workout.

The Mirror offers classes in different disciplines — including yoga, strength and cardio — and with different workout lengths and fitness levels. It recently added one-on-one personal training to its repertoire, which takes advantage of the built-in camera so that your trainer can see your form and help correct it. It comes with the mirror, a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor and six fitness bands. 

Yes, it’s expensive, but the Mirror is still the best personal training system we’ve tested out (so far). 

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