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NEW DELHI. Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif was trolled by radicals for performing yoga on the International yoga day. All hell broke loose after Kaif put out a picture of him doing Yoga poses on his social media profiles.

Here’s how trolls reacted and why they’re no less radical than those in ISIS:
Troll Attack 1: Do namaz instead of doing yoga

Dear trolls, How’re the two correlated? And why bring religion into a fitness regime? If Kaif wishes to read namaz, he will, if he doesn’t, he won’t. Last I heard, Indian is still a democracy unlike 56 Islamic nations, and there is no Sharia law in India yet. Kaif or for that matter anyone is free to do what he/she wants.
Also how exactly does doing yoga make someone less of a Muslim. Radicals argue that their religion forbids anyone bowing down in front of the sun, while doing surya-namaskar. That’s crazy. What next? Not bowing-down while tying shoe laces, not bowing-down while peeping through balconies or while peeing? Having a fatwa on those bowing down? There’s a limit to bigotry.
One doesn’t need to be in radical organizations like ISIS, SIMI, PFI, LeT, Al Qaida, etc to be called one. The first step towards radicalization is exhibiting radical thoughts, which trolls do day in and day out.
Yoga is India’s pride and so many Muslims practice it world over. They still remain Muslims with an add-on of being fit as well. We advise these bigoted trolls to also include yoga in their daily regimen as it aids mental fitness which they badly need.
Troll Attack 2: Who’s Kaif trying to make happy by doing Yoga?
Short answer: Himself
Long answer: Such foolhardy insinuations of linking yoga to any religion or a political party don’t work. Kaif is a proud Indian, who brought laurels to the nation via his cricketing achievements, won many games for India. Last thing he needs is some random troll questioning his allegiance. Kaif’s only allegiance is to India and his family.
Moreover, it is scientifically proven via different studies that yoga reduces fatigue and negativity, while increasing positive effect on vagal tone which gives a feeling of being energized, satisfied and happy.

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