Things You Should Never Apply On Your Face

Every girl or boy has a dream of clean and glowing skin but in the current situation it is impossible to do so. There are many factors around us such as increasing pollution, poor skincare routine, unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle, which serve to increase the problems associated with our skin. Acne, dry skin, dark spots, glimpses of old age are all skin related problems, which can bother you and cause anxiety for you. Some things and food are very harmful for the health of your skin, one of which doctors always recommend to you. Repeatedly touching the face increases the chances of acne. So we should avoid touching the face often. Similarly, spicy and oily foods are very harmful for your skin and you should take special care while consuming them. Some things are good for your skin and some are not. In this article, we are going to tell you about some such things, which you should never put on your face. So let us know about some such things in the article, which can prove harmful to your skin.

4 things that can be lost by applying them on face


Everyone knows that egg is a great source of protein. Also, the benefits of eggs for our skin and hair are quite famous among people. Egg white Greatly benefits our skin. But it also has some dangers. If you are allergic to eating eggs, avoid applying the white part of the egg to your face. It can also cause Salmonella infection. Applying egg white on the face can also cause skin irritation and infection.

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lotion pour le corps

Most people rub the remaining lotion on their face after applying body lotion on their hands. People do this especially during the winter season. Not only this, some people also apply body lotion on the face to eliminate facial dryness. But you might not know that body lotion contains more oil according to your face’s requirement. Face cream contains the right amount of oil and is a moisturizer, which your face needs. So avoid applying body lotion on face and use a cream that suits your skin as more oil on the face can cause acne.

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Rubbing alcohol on face

Many people consider the use of alcohol rubbing on the face to be correct and why not believe it because many Alcohols in Fairness Products Is also present. Rubbing alcohol makes your skin very dry. By doing this, your skin also gets irritation. Therefore, when purchasing fairness products from next time, definitely check the amount of alcohol in it.

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Hot water

You may have heard a lot about the benefits of lukewarm water, but did you know that too much hot water can be harmful to your skin. Too much cold water is also not good for your face. Too much hot water or too cold water should not be used to avoid skin problems. The high water temperature can take away moisture from your skin, causing your skin to become dry.

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