Stop Eating These 3 Food to Fight with Acne

Pimps are a problem that can damage your actions. Yes, if you are going to office for any party or important work and everything is going according to your plan. Like good clothes, right shoes and well-cut hair are giving you an attractive look, but a red colored pimple on your face can drain all your hard work. It looks as bad as it looks, it hurts to touch. Pimple is not only a big problem related to skincare, but it is very important to understand that stress and not getting proper sleep can create a more serious condition for your skin. The most talked about Pimple and acne is that it remains on the face of teenagers for a long time. Do you know that according to the American Academy of Dermatology, the problem of acne in adults is increasing continuously? Yes, pimples are the most on the face of women over 25 years.

Relationship between food and acne

Many people believe that spending on expensive skincare products and treatments provides clean and acne-free skin. However, it is important to understand that problems like acne are often caused by dietary mistakes. These dietary mistakes play an important role in increasing the irritation caused by pimples. What you eat has a huge impact on your overall physical activity, including your quickness. A number of recent studies have highlighted the relationship between dietary hebits and acne.

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What study says

According to a study conducted by RMIT University’s School of Applied Sciences, nutritional biologic factors play an important role in acne. The study compared the effects of a high protein, low glycemic diet and a traditional, high glycemic diet behind acne. However, these preliminary findings need to be confirmed by similar studies. If you like Avoid acne If you are looking for relief or we are going to tell you about staying away from 3 such foods that can keep you away from Pimple.

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Stay away from refined carb and sugar

To check that you are not eating too much added sugar or refined carb, take care of your eating habits. Eating foods with a high glycemic index, including white bread, potatoes, pasta made with white flour, soda and sugar-filled beverages, can also increase your blood sugar. This can cause your skin to produce more oil and may also cause inflammation, which causes more pimples. Accurate evidence needs more research, so if pimples or pimples recur frequently on your face, keep distance from refined grains and sugar.

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Milk and milk products

If you are constantly troubled by the problem of acne on the face, then you need to take a little break on the intake of milk and dairy products. Although there is a lack of clarity between this relationship, some studies suggest that milk, ice cream and other Dairy products Acne can be increased by the use of. Cow’s milk increases insulin-like hormones called IGF-1, which is associated with the severity of acne.

Fried & Processed Food

There is no doubt that if you are fighting acne, then you should strictly stop the consumption of junk, fried and processed food. According to a research published in the Journal of Clinical Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, foods rich in saturated and trans fats work to increase the production of oil-enhancing hormones. Therefore, if you want to avoid acne, you should stop consuming junk and processed food immediately.

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