5 Mistakes That Increases Wrinkles Dark Circles

Nobody wants to appear old or old. Symptoms of aging usually start appearing on the face first, especially on the skin around the eyes. The reason for this is that the skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate. Old age is the eternal truth, which cannot be avoided. But yes, it has been seen that due to some special mistakes made by people, they start showing signs of old age well before time. We are telling you 5 such mistakes, which make the skin around your eyes loose and cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Eye rubbing

One, the skin of the eyes is likewise thin, due to which its sensitivity is more than other parts of the face. In such a situation, if you repeatedly rub the eyes with hands, then the skin becomes loose. Fine lines soon start appearing due to skin loosening. Like the mouth and nose, eyes are also an easy way for viruses, bacteria to enter our body. Therefore, you should not touch the skin around the eyes repeatedly with hands.

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Selection of wrong makeup or beauty products

The thinner and sensitive the skin, the greater the effect of chemicals on it. So even if you use wrong or chemical makeup and beauty products around the eyes, the signs of aging start appearing around your eyes. You should always use natural and organic products on the eyes and face. Parabine is used in most skin care products in the market. This chemical is dangerous for your skin.

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Do not apply moisturizer

Due to lack of moisture in the skin, wrinkles and fine lines are seen on the face, due to which the skin becomes loose. If you want to avoid this problem, you should apply a good moisturizer at least twice a day to your face and the rest of the body. Moisturizers lock the natural moisture of your skin, keeping the skin hydrated. You can also use special eye creams to keep the skin around the eyes hydrated. But while buying it, it must be checked that the cream contains vitamins B, K, C and hydraulic acid.

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Reduce intake of vegetables and fruits

People who depend on beauty products only for the beauty of the skin soon get deteriorated. If you want to keep your skin naturally healthy and beautiful, then it is important that you give up eating habits and include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of antioxidants and minerals, which are sure to develop new skin cells. Apart from this, antioxidants are also very important to repair tissues and protect the skin from free radicals.

Do not apply sunscreen

When ultraviolet rays of sun fall on the face, the thin skin around the eyes first of all damages. The reason for this is that due to thinning of the skin, these rays penetrate to the inside and start irritating the skin. Winter or summer, you must apply sunscreen of at least 15-20 SPF. Apart from this, if the sun is strong, then cover your face well and leave and wear sunglasses.

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