5 Cons Of Using Body Shapers

You must have heard words like body shapers, body slimmers and waist trimmer etc. We have often seen a wide variety of advertisements claiming these to be weight-loss and well-shaded bodies, but the question still remains how true these claims are. How effective are these body shapers in reality. At the same time, many people believe that by using body shaper many times, we can do a lot of weight loss very quickly, but we can also suffer its loss. There are definitely some benefits of wearing a body shaper, especially if you take help of that slimmer in getting ready for a special occasion. But it also has some disadvantages. Let’s know about some advantages and disadvantages of body shapers.

Benefits of body shapers or body slimmers

Helps to look slim

There is no doubt that a body shaper gives you an instantly tailored slimmer body. Most users can fit 2 sizes smaller than normal in their body shapers. This obviously provides a quick solution to people with heavy weight.

Hide in clothes

Body shapers are made of lycra based fabric, which contains advanced microfibres, which easily conceals it under clothing. That is, no one can see that you are really fat or that you are wearing something inside to hide your weight.

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Is also beneficial for weight loss

If you are already exercising and avoiding to achieve your desired shape, then Body Shaper can become an inspiration for you. You can wear it inside your dress and thus it helps in weight loss gradually. Now that we have briefly discussed the benefits of using Body Shaper, we will now talk about the various disadvantages it provides to its users.

inside bodyshapertips - 5 Cons Of Using Body Shapers

Damage to body shapers or body slimmers

Loss on lung functioning

Body shapers worn along the upper body begin to constrict the lower part of the lungs, preventing them from expanding their entire. This means that in such a situation the lungs cannot carry oxygen, as they continue to affect the breathing and overall functioning of the lungs over a long period of time.

Irregular circulation

Because of its tight fitting on the body, body shapers exert high pressure on the skin and muscles, affecting blood circulation in the long run. Tight body shapers cause the heart to work harder to pump blood to constricted areas, thus making the heart easily tired. Sometimes blood clots can also cause this, which cause immediate death when traveling to the heart and lungs. This phenomenon is called Embolism.

Indigestion problem

Body shaping puts pressure not only externally, but also on external organs like stomach, intestines, pancreas etc. Originally the organs that control the digestive process adversely affect the process of digestion. Gastritis or acid problems can also be caused by this. Overall, it can cause indigestion in your stomach.

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Bladder damage

People using shapewear, especially women wearing body shapers, feel uncomfortable using the toilet due to their fit fitness. She refrains from going to the toilet again and again. In this way it is not easily removable and thus restricts the passage of urine in women. This causes severe discomfort and urinary infections in the long run.

Numbness in feet

The body shapes make the thighs narrower while you’re wearing them. Due to stiffness, it reduces blood flow and sometimes also narrows the veins, causing problems like numbness and cramps of the feet.

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