4 Things In Your Daily Diet Causes Hairfall

Currently, hair loss has become a common problem among people, whether they are men or women. This can be gauged from the fact that hair loss has become a common problem, on which Bollywood directors also made films. These films deal with hair loss and the difficulties faced by the person affected by it. However, a person’s life is completely different from the film and he has to face more difficulties. Hair loss was earlier associated with aging, but now people start losing hair at an early age. Hair loss is actually associated with our eating and drinking. Even if people do not accept this, but it is true. In this article, we are going to tell you about 4 such things, due to which people are becoming increasingly prone to baldness at an early age. So let us know which are the things that are included in your diet, which are making you a victim of baldness.

4 things that make you a victim of baldness

Dairy Products

Dairy products are proving to be a major problem behind hair loss. In fact, dairy products not only work to make excessive acid in the body, but also cause allergic reaction in the body. Most of the dairy products present in the markets around us are pasteurized. The naturally occurring enzymes in milk spoil during the pasteurization process. Actually, the enzymes that are bad helps our body to digest milk. But when these enzymes are spoiled, it becomes very difficult for our body to digest dairy products and our body does not get the necessary nutrients. Due to this, harmful bacteria containing waste products accumulate in the body and the pores of the skin start getting blocked. This increases the chances of epidermis plaque forming on our scalp and the hair starts to thin and fall.

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carbonated drinks

Currently, what children and older people like carbonated drinks very much, but it is very important to know that these drinks are very acid-making. The high amount of acid present in them also works to increase the blood glucose level. Doctors also agree that increasing the blood sugar level in the body increases the risk of baldness in men. Doctors say that insulin resistance also increases the risk of baldness in people. In fact, by drinking this type of drink in excess, the body loses its sensitivity to insulin and blood sugar starts to increase. To prevent hair loss, eat foods with low glycemic index so that your Blood sugar levels remain low. Instead of these drinks you should drink water, coconut water, vegetable juice, almond milk, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, lemon juice. By doing this, your blood sugar will also be controlled and hair loss will also stop.


Greasy foods

There are many foods available in the market which are more greasy. This food is our Cause blockages in the arteries of the body And make smooth skin on the scalp. This type of food slows down hair follicles, blood flow and increases the risk of perspiration closing. When these pores are closed then DTH and other harmful hormones get trapped in those pores and hair loss starts. A good shampoo can help you to open the scalp pores. Healthy fat is very beneficial for strengthening hair, so adopt foods that contain healthy fat.

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Sugar cereals

Sugar cereals have a very high glycemic index, due to which the risk of increasing blood sugar is very high. Increased blood sugar is responsible for thinning hair and causing their loss and breakage. The consumption of pasteurized milk and cereals in breakfast increases the risk of hair loss. Processed grains have a lot of glycemic because the natural fibers present in the plant are removed, due to which they are very difficult to digest. Actually, after removing the amount of fiber from the food, the sugar goes directly into our blood flow, which increases the blood sugar very much. Like we told that increasing blood sugar is the major cause of hair loss.

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(Medically Reviewed: Dermatologist and Esthetic Physician, Founder and Director, ILAMED (Dr. Ajay Rana)

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