Make Healthy-Tasty Potato Keema Cutlets at Home

Some people do not like to drink empty tea at all, in such a time you find salty or biscuits during tea time. Now, if you are hungry, then tea biscuits are not enough for him, but yes you can try healthy testi cutlets made from Asani. This is the best breakfast from your breakfast to evening snacks. Many times you have craving, even at such times, if you want, you can make minced meat or plain potato cutlet. This will help to remove craving of your unhealthy food and give a good taste to the tongue.

Weight loss people can also taste potato cutlets without worry. If you are a vegetarian, you can make plain potato cutlets, the method is the same, you do not have to mix mince in it. Let us here tell you an easy recipe for making Keema Potato Cutlets for Healthy Snacks:

Potato Keema Cutlet


A cup of mashed boiled potatoes

  • Half a cup of flour
  • Half cup bread crumbs
  • An egg
  • Half cup minced meat
  • 1 tsp milk
  • 1 tsp butter
  • Half a teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • green coriander
  • Oil as required

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How to make Keema Potato Cutlet

Mince Potato Cutlet is very easy to make, it is tasty and healthy as well. To make this, you have to follow the 6 easi steps given here- Method of

Step 1: Firstly, to make the cutlet, boil the potato and peel it off and mash the potato. Now add salt, pepper, green coriander, butter and if you want, add green chopped chillies.

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Step 2: Now mix the eggs and milk together and whisk them well.

Step 3: Now take some flour and mix the mashed potato and the mince and make it mince stuffed dough. Then, make small balls of it.

Step 4: Now dip the prepared dough into the beaten egg and then mix it with the bread crumbs.

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Step 5: Heat the pan and add some oil to it.

Step 6: When the oil is well heated, then add cutlets in it and deep-fry it. Wait until it turns light brown. When the golden brown color comes, you can serve the hot cutlet with green chutney or sauce and serve it.

Benefits of eating potato cutlet

  • Eating potato cutlet is a million times better for your health than eating peppercorns. Because potato is rich in vitamins, minerals, folic acid, fiber, iron and beta carotene. Apart from this, you make it yourself with less spices and oil and taking care of cleanliness.
  • Potatoes in cutlets contain protein, so it is good for children to adults. If you do not like or have boiled potatoes, you can eat this vegetable vegetable in the form of cutlets.
  • You can also eat this potato cutlet in Gujurde’s stone, it is beneficial for you.
  • Apart from this, potato cutlet made with less salt-spices and oil is also good for high blood pressure patients.

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