Lotus Root is Beneficial for Health and Weight Loss

When it comes to healthy eating, we often think that it is not the thing in the native fruits and vegetables, which is in the foreign avocado, dragon fruit, kiwi, broccoli etc. We find non-season things and foreign things more attractive and beneficial. But in our own soil, many such vegetables are grown, which are considered superfood abroad and we do not know about them. Lotus cucumber is one such vegetable. Its name is lotus cucumber because it is actually the root of lotus flower. This vegetable is easily available in the market near you. Let us tell you 5 benefits of eating this desi vegetable lotus cucumber.

Lotus cucumber is a nutritional mine

Lotus cucumber contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and photonutrients. This simple looking vegetable is rich in vitamins B6, thiamine, pantothenic acid, folate, vitamin C etc. Apart from this, minerals like copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium and sodium are also very good. Not only this, omega-3 fatty acids commonly found in vegetarian diets are also good in lotus cucumber. 60 grams of cooked cucumber cucumber vegetable has only 40 calories, so it is also very beneficial in maintaining fitness.

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Make skin and hair younger

Consuming lotus cucumber keeps your skin and hair healthy. The vitamin C and vitamin B present in it are helpful in maintaining the glow of your skin and increasing flexibility. Due to this, the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, freckles, dark circles, fine lines, etc. come late on your skin, so you look younger and beautiful for longer. Vitamin C is helpful in increasing collagen.

Lotus cucumber beneficial in diabetes

Diabetes patients can control their blood sugar by including lotus cucumber in their diet. Rhizomes present in lotus cucumber help in maintaining glucose level. Apart from this, the amount of fiber in this vegetable is very good, so by its use, sugar slowly dissolves in the blood and blood sugar is maintained. Minerals and antioxidants in lotus cucumber also help in correcting insulin resistance.

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Will help to maintain weight

If you want to lose weight or keep mainten, then you have very few choices in the name of food. In such a situation, you can make delicious dishes by eating lotus cucumber. Lotus cucumber has very low calories and high dietary fiber. Therefore, it reduces excess body fat and also keeps your stomach full for a long time. Apart from this, your digestive system (digestive system) is also good due to its intake, so it is the best vegetable for weight loss.

Blood pressure worries end

Although lotus cucumber also contains a small amount of sodium, it is very high in potassium. Therefore, the intake of lotus cucumber is beneficial for high blood pressure patients. A 100 gram lotus cucumber contains only 45 mg sodium, while 363 mg potassium. Therefore, your blood pressure is controlled by consuming it. Apart from this, research suggests that consumption of lotus cucumber also reduces cholesterol.


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